Residential buildings inc. greenery

Residential buildings including greenery

We build all types of houses, even not so typical houses - according to our clients personality: passive houses, low-energy houses, cabins, wood buildings... Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients not only right now, but also in the future. It is very important to us to discuss our client´s idea of the house, garten, the equipment and fencing of the house... especially because of privacy and the way of use, which is individual for everyone. We value this personal aspect and want to implement it for every of our customer. It is also important to think about the surrounding area and adapt the architecture plan of the house to it.

Sometimes it is better to buy a new property than to build a beautiful house in an inconvenient surrounding area or a huge house on a small property. We want to build a house according to all your wishes. Aquariums, vivariums and other complements of the house are no problem for us, in case you let us know about them soon enough. Then we are able to build them so they look good and are also very easy to maintain. Your idea of the garden, swimming-pool, swimming pond or pond with Koi carps, summer house is also important from the very beginning, so we can adapt our design to it and build it so it is easy to use for you.